To achieve quality delivery for end customer with 80 percent strike rate on day one with SOP adherence as per TAT. Ensure COD amount deposition with 100 Percent compliance as per policy. Develop healthy relations with end customer. Develop healthy relations with end customer which is must in impulse buying dynamics.

Standard Operating Procedures


1,Collecting of loads from co-loader/Transport. 2.Tallying of loads with the E-file received from origin 3.segregation of loads as per route plan with FIFO. 4.Uploading of loads route wise in the system. 5.Handing over of shipments to delivery staff with printed DRS in duplicate. Also undelivered shipments for re-attempt as per telecalling confirmation. 6.Receipt/signature of shipments with details of total cash to be collected . 7.Telecalling and confirmation from COD customers to ensure availability with COD amount.


1.Tallying of Delivery Run sheets. 2.Tele checking of undelivered shipments. 3.Uploading of pods. 4.Receipt of cash versus delivery. 5.Uploading of details of undelivered shipments with reason. 6.Tele calling for undelivered shipments for re-attempt. 7.RTO as per TAT and set policy.


1. Depositing of cash as per set policy. 2. Scan copy uploading of deposited cash to origin. 3. MIS of total load. 4. Email exchange and coordination with company for any queries from External and Internal customers.